April 13, 2015

A4Tech Crack Bloody 5 License Generator 0319 0402A

Corrected version 0303B with keygen, which will see your mouse, updated newer version of Bloody.
To date (12/04/2015) works fine with the latest version of software Bloody5_V2015.0402A - just run the program from this archive, apply the crack KeyGen.exe, then upgrade to the latest version of the software from the site bloody.tw - License to continue.

Who does not know the problem: after you are working with a mouse in a newer version of the program Bloody5 - mouse refuses to work in the old. Key generators under the latest version does not always exist. This allows you to archive currently get new versions of the defense.

How to use:

If you have version 0319 or 0402A

1. Close the program Bloody5
2. Run from this archive Bloody5.exe
3. Expected completion firmware kernel
4. Run the Keygen.exe, generate a license file
5. In the program Bloody5 press the button Activate [Core 3/4] and apply the license file previously generated by ID your mouse.

In the near future, when the updated version of this method stops working.

Then you need to act in this way:

1. Run the latest version of the software (at the time).
2. Switches the kernel (for anyone).
3. Do not wait for the end of the boot firmware - pull the mouse out of USB-ports.
4. Calms the nerves (mouse like a brick and not lit :), close the fresh programs (completely from the tray).
5. Run this version.
6. Attach a mouse.
7. The program will detect the mouse in download mode and flash flood their firmware.
8. Run the keygen (Keygen.exe)
9. Apply the license upgrade to the latest version and use :)

If something still does not work (unlikely, I do not believe!) - Just start fresh programs - it will restore your mouse performance. But this algorithm has already been verified in previous versions.
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  1. The cracked version you gave us doesn't seem to load in any way. The mouse spins and then stops, the program never opens...

  2. Such things happen for some, it is a rare case

  3. Thank you very much for a long time it was looking really worked