April 30, 2015


Bloody 5 offers unique 4-core system. It incorporates 4 various levels for all game requirements: "Low, High, Ultra, and Extreme."Suitable for MMORPG, FPS and all genre of games. 

What's new in this update: 

Changes binary Bloody5.exe 
Updated firmware for the microcontroller SN8F22E80B* 4 cores

Updated Following :

1. Invincible 4-Core System 
2. Ultra-Core4
3. Share & Exchange Macros 
4. 5-Way Gun Adjustment
5. 6 Sniper Modes
6. Multiple Devices
7. Manage Profile
8. Sensor calibration

Upgrade Tip: For those activated "Bloody 2/3/4/5" versions, user is free to upgrade Bloody to the latest version eternally.

V Series VM Series R Series RT Series T Series
TL Series ZL Series ML Series WL Series

SN8F22E80B series 8-bit micro-controller is a new series production applied advanced semiconductor technology to implement flash ROM architecture. SN8F22E80B is high performance and wide operating range (1.8V~5.5V @32mips). One clock per instruction cycle (1T) architecture will provide up to 32MIPS computation power. The device is designed with the excellent IC structure including the program memory up to 16K-word Flash ROM, data memory of 1K-bytes RAM, 8-level stack buffers, multi-interrupt vector, four 8-bit timers, one 16-bit timers, high performance 16 channel 12-bit ADC, six channel PWM output (PWM10/11, 20/21, 30/31), Full Speed USB 2.0. Under flash ROM platform, SN8F22E80B builds in in-system-programming (ISP) function extending to EEPROM emulation and Embedded ICE function. Powerful functionality, high reliability and low power consumption can apply to AC power application and battery level application easily.

 Bloody5_V2 015.0429.zip  Download  Rapidfiles  YaDisk 

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