April 21, 2015

"DIRECT" activator for bloody mouse

The "DIRECT" activator for bloody mouse (writes directly to a mouse, any key files it isn't necessary). 


1. just in case we quit software Bloody5 (absolutely, the right button on an icon and "Output")

2. we launch rdinfo.exe - if we see the correct ID of the mouse, we pass to item 3. If isn't present - it isn't necessary!!! - we leave the comment containing model of your mouse.

3. we launch activate.exe - the program will show that "before" we have option mask FFFF (it is activated nothing), and after - FFE8 (everything is activated)

4. we reconnect a mouse, we launch Bloody5 software - everything shall be activated (the Activate button [Core 3/4] shall be gone)

It is checked for Bloody V5.

warning: as this method is a little tested use with caution

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  1. I have Bloody v3 (mouse ID 94E722C0).
    It is not working with older versions of bloody5. only with 2015.06016
    This tool does not fond the mouse in step 2.
    Is ther any third-party tool or way to crack bloody for my mouse so I can use aliases and scripts/bind keys freely?

    1. This method stopped working with version 2015.0509

    2. Any way I can activate my version of bloody5 OR use Oscar scripts/bindings without bloody5 at all?